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GREENPATHS will improve the design, governance and implementation of policy strategies and instruments. The project pays particular attention to the European Green Deal, the Fit for 55 package, and the actions funded by the Just Transition Fund and the European Social Fund+.

Key objectives include:

(1) mapping and explaining links between policies, environmental sustainability and social

(2) identify and assess indicators and tools to analyse interactions between climate interdependencies, environmental sustainability and social well-being;

(3) develop systemic, in-depth and innovative understandings of green transition policies and approaches vis-à-vis social impacts and trade-offs;

(4) offer new insights into the relevance and significance of institutional, regulatory and legal frameworks in Europe;

(5) produce policy recommendations for desirable changes in European and national policies through a multi-stakeholder backcasting approach and the participatory design of lighthouse projects, and facilitate an enhanced civil society-stakeholder-policy dialogue on just transition pathways.

These objectives will be achieved by a well-positioned consortium with ample experience on these topics through a comprehensive mixed-methods approach to be tested and grounded in a series of case studies, which will lead to a more participatory and influential engagement with policymakers, civil society organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

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